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Monday, August 29, 2005

PDP #6 - "The Master of the World" by Jules Verne, Part 1

2nd EDIT: If you downloaded this file before 4:15 pm PST please redownload for the corrected version.

Here we go, the first novel attempted at The Public Domain Podcast! EDIT: Here is the corrected file to manually download. I've chosen this science fiction adventure by Jules Verne for the purpose. Its protagonist, John Strock, "head inspector in the federal police department at Washington" is charged with getting to the bottom of some very unusual occurences happening in the twentieth century US.

I had not read this before and found myself drawn in by the first few chapters to find out more about this "Master of the World".

This podcast contains Chapters 1: "What Happened in the Mountains" and 2: "I Reach Morganton" and is approximately 26 minutes long.

The entire novel is comprised of 18 chapters. Some are shorter than others but I will most likely be doing 2-3 chapters per podcast.

Administrative Feedback Needed

After some research on spoken word recording, I decided to record this podcast at a lower setting, 32 kbps, so the mp3 file size is quite small, less than 10 Mb. Let me know if you notice a difference in the recording quality or have other issues with the file and would like me to go back to my other settings.

Bonus Podcast?

I'm thinking of offering another podcast during the weeks in which I'm reading part of a novel so folks who aren't interested in that particular novel won't have to wait 4 weeks to hear something else. I was thinking of choosing very short stories for the bonus podcasts, nothing too long since I'll have my hands full with the novel. Would that be a good idea? Or would it mess folks up who have scheduled to check my feed only once a week?

I thought perhaps this bonus podcast could be offered on the Thursday of the week that I do novels but I'm open to suggestions.

~ e

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Blogger Daithi said...

Hi there,

New to your podcast so I haven't listened to all your episodes yet, but I've enjoyed the ones so far.

The Lafcadio Hearn episode was particularly fun. I saw a documentary about him some time back and have kept meaning to pick up some of his work. But, well... life can frustrate in little ways. So, thank you for reading it to me. :)

As for bitrates, yup, the difference is audible at 32kbps. But not to the extent that it really matters in a voice recording. For what it's worth, the BBC Radio 4 Internet stream sounds pretty good at 44kbps.

But, definitely, 128kbps is overkill. Try 44kbps or 64kbps. They might sound just a little bit less scratchy than 32kbps.

But don't worry so much about that. Worry a bit more about the background hum. Is this a noisy computer or a low quality microphone? You might try putting the computer tower under a desk when recording. Silly computer things are so noisy.

Anyways, having fun listening to your podcast. Keep up the good work.

Oh... and do more Lafcadio Hearn. :)


11:02 AM  
Blogger e said...

Hi Alexander!

Thank you so much for your compliment and for the feedback!

I'll be implementing your suggestions the next time I record. The next part of the Jules Verne story was recorded at nearly the same time as the first part so I'm afraid that's still at 32kbps since I hadn't changed the settings.

I'll definitely up the quality for Part 3. I'll try the middle ground of 44 kbps or 64 kbps.

"Is this a noisy computer or a low quality microphone?"

I laughed when I read that sentence. It's a low quality microphone and I have a noisy desktop computer and a slightly noisy regular fan in the room.

I'll take my laptop out to another room to record Part 3. As for the microphone I'm afraid that purchase will have to wait for a little while but it is something I'm interested in.

Also, I think I'll do a bonus story next week and will choose a Lafcadio Hearn tale since you asked so nicely. I'll just need to check on a few pronunciations with a friend of mine.

So next week we'll have a contrast of recordings, on Monday Part 2 of "The Master of the World" with the lower bit rate settings. And then on Thursday we'll have the medium bit rate and quieter room recording.

Thanks again for your comment, hearing from one's listeners is a thrill for me I didn't understand until I started podcasting for myself.

~ e

1:33 PM  
Blogger Daithi said...

Hi again,

All caught up on your podcast now, and really enjoying your selections. Nice creepy stuff. And that Wilkie Collins piece is wickedly funny.

I'm a definite short story fan, so I'm certainly keen on your Thursday supplement idea.

And beside, how could I refuse another Hearn piece. You even do requests... you're the best. :)

Your demanding but appreciative listener,


11:22 AM  
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